CO-WELL Starts Recruiting Support Service “Will and Way” Focusing on Japanese and Vietnamese IT Engineers

The global IT solutions company CO-WELL Co., Ltd., which focuses mainly on offshore development work in Vietnam, launched a full-scale IT engineer hiring support service called “Will and Way” on February 12th, 2019.

CO-WELL also owns the Vietnamese corporation CO-WELL ASIA Co.,LTD., which is a group subsidiary. It has been working in offshore development for around 8 years. Put together, both CO-WELL in Japan and CO-WELL ASIA have grown to over 480 employees.

CO-WELL is offering a recruiting support service that takes advantage of the company’s know-how regarding the hiring of IT technicians as well as technical education. They also have knowledge about systems of objective evaluation of resources and technical ability. CO-WELL has gained a lot of knowledge of these subjects through its business expansion.

As CO-WELL’s first big step into recruitment support services, the company is offering paid recruitment services which introduce talented Japanese and Vietnamese engineers to Japanese companies.

Since CO-WELL is a global IT solutions company which undertakes offshore development for major and growing companies, they have access to job postings that aren’t publicly available. So, one of their strong points is their ability to introduce many kinds of positions. Job hunters can utilize their strengths and find jobs at companies that have a lot of room for growth.

[Website] Will and Way
[Website] Will and Way Engineer Page

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