YOLO JAPAN, service for foreign residents, exceeds 100,000 members

On June 17, the company YOLO JAPAN, which runs the media service of the same name aimed at foreigners living in Japan, announced that it has more than 100,000 registered members. This includes people of 224 nationalities and regions throughout the world.

YOLO JAPAN was established in 2016. The number of registered members on the site has seen a marked increase last six months, due to the increased amount of part-time job listings on the site, as well as the number of influencers hired by YOLO JAPAN itself, and the starting of a service that lets members receive their salary through bank ATMs.

YOLO JAPAN会員数推移YOLO Japan: Number of Registered Members

When broken down by nationality, the most represented group was people from the Philippines, followed by Vietnam, the United States, India, Brazil, Nepal, and Korea.

国籍別登録会員数Registered Members by Nationality: Top 10

YOLO JAPAN is developing services that address the worries that many foreigners living in Japan have. Their job boards list over 1,000 postings translated into five languages – English, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean. It also lists many part-time job postings for positions that don’t require Japanese ability. In addition, YOLO JAPAN is introducing unique job postings, such as monitors and online survey taking.

Furthermore, it also offers a “video introduction” service that allows job seekers to sell themselves through video, without needing to make a Japanese resume or contact a hiring manager through the phone – both of which can be high hurdles for foreign applicants.

According to an announcement from the Ministry of Justice in March 2019, as of the end of 2018, the number of foreign residents continues to increase from the previous high of around 2,730,000, due to a 6.6% increase compared with the previous year. These foreign residents have many worries while living in Japan – such as having no way to learn Japanese, little information on jobs (full and part-time), and being unable to rent places to live. YOLO JAPAN’s services can help foreign residents with these and other issues they face.

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