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Employment rate of university students show a record-high of 77% as of October

As per the survey conducted by Japanese government, as of this year’s October 1, there is an increase of 1.8% in the employment rate of college students graduating in March 2019 as compared to previous year, reaching the record-high of 77%.

The employment rate of students graduating from junior college increased by 3.4% to 42.8%. The overall employment rate of universities, junior colleges, and technology colleges increased by 1.9% when compared to last year, showing an overall increase of 74.5%.

When classified region-wise, Kinki region marks the highest employment rate of 82.1%. When classified as per arts and science faculty, arts faculty students accounted for 76.5% and science faculty students accounted for 79.2%.

Incidentally, some of the graduands aspire for further university education and family operated business assistance besides the job seeking students.

With the incessant labor shortage, finding an employment has become easier for students with favorable job-seeking market conditions in Japan.

Many companies are aggressively coming up with year-round recruitments and foreign staff recruitments to secure human resources. This can be a good opportunity for foreign students willing to work in Japan.

[Reference] Publishing the status of job offers (As of October) for 2018 university graduands

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