Miidas starts free personality test for job seekers

On July 3, the company Miidas, which runs the job hunting service of the same name, started offering the Miidas Personality Test, which lets job seekers learn more about their personality. Miidas is part of the Persol Group, which offers recruitment services.

The Miidas Personality Test is a free service that lets job seekers learn about their personality type for free. The test is based on the Next Generation Personality Test (Next Generation Personality Analysis PSA) from the company Human Capital Consulting. Those who register for Miidas can take a free test and learn about their inborn traits and current personality. They can then keep this information about their true character in mind as they look for work, and decide which company to join.

The test determines eight different types based on several categories. These categories include a job seeker’s inborn traits, as well as inherited personality traits that are hard to change during their life. The test also has eight different types for other categories, such as a job seeker’s current personality, and personality traits that change based on one’s job experiences, personal experiences, and their environment.

*Image of test results for inborn traits

Knowing what a job involves, as well as the traits of your personality, can help you decide whether a particular job is a good fit. You can consider how suitable or unsuitable it is, and connect it to your career type. Miidas has job hunting data from around three million people. You can use this information to know your market value. As these test results are also available to companies, you can get interview offers directly from companies that have postings which meet your conditions for annual salary and other factors. The Miidas Personality Test can be a useful tool in your job search.

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