Recruiting to slow down in second half of 2019, study says

The amount of recruiting done by companies has been increasing for the past two years. However, this pace will slow down from July to December of this year. This is according to the job hunting service Doda (run by Persol Career), which published its forecast on July 1. Doda’s recruiting trends forecast is for the job market in the second half of 2019, broken down by 14 industries and job types.

According to their forecast, five of the 14 fields will see an increase in recruiting, another five will not see much of a change, and four will see a slight decrease. Recruiting has been increasing over the past two years in the majority of fields, but less than half of companies are predicted to see an increase in the second half of 2019.

However, according to Seiya Oura, the chief editor of Doda, on average, companies tend to refrain from recruiting towards the end of the year. Also, many companies are closely watching the effects of the trade war between the United States and China. There have been cases where forecasts have said that recruiting will not change, due to already reaching record highs. Because of this, although the pace of recruiting will slow down, the total amount of recruiting is expected to stay at current levels.

Furthermore, Oura says that in the second half of 2019, the recruiting needs of businesses and outsourcing firms will differ, depending on the industry. Until recently, it was standard for routine tasks to be outsourced and specialized work to be handled in the companies themselves. However, certain fields are taking these outsourced tasks and moving them in-house. These fields include IT and communications, legal work, planning and marketing, and creative work. This has led to a need for more hiring for companies. The reason for this trend is that companies are planning to speed up work processes from planning to execution, and aiming to accumulate knowledge within their companies to deal with these tasks.

On the other hand, certain fields are increasing the extent of specialized work given to outsourcers, so it’s predicted that hiring needs for outsourcing companies will increase. These fields include sales, human resources, accounting, office work and assistant work and medical.

Besides that, the report also has other predictions regarding recruitment trends for 14 fields; sales, human resources, accounting, legal work, planning and marketing, creative work, IT and communications, electric and machinery, science and raw materials, architecture and civil engineering, sales and service, finance, medical and office work and assistant work. The report has plenty of interesting predictions on the job market to consider.

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