International University of Japan establishes Japan-Global Development Program, a 2-year master’s degree

Knowledge of Japan’s development and industries is helpful not only to foreigners working in Japan but also to those working abroad. This knowledge is important not just for those who are in development and industry, but it is also beneficial for everyone from foreign students looking to work in Japan, to those who wish to serve as a bridge between Japan and their own country.

International University of Japan, a graduate university in Niigata, has started the Japan-Global Development Program which teaches the history of Japan’s development and industrialization. This program is a part of the JICA Development Studies Program, and is administrated by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), which also implements Official Development Assistance (ODA). International University started the program as a 2-year master’s degree. The course contents are related to Japan’s development in modern times and details regarding ODA implementation. Besides foreign students, Japanese students can also take the course in English. The first course started in September 2018, with a class of students already enrolled.

Hiroyuki Itami, the president of International University of Japan, stated that “This program showcases Japan’s development experience, and the distinctive logic of Japan’s development, which differs from the West. We hope the program will raise awareness of these principles throughout the world.” He continued, “Success is always related to logic. It is about deducing and understanding the logic hidden behind Japan’s development from actual case studies. This campus provides a place for people from overseas to learn these methods so that they can apply them to the unique circumstances in their own countries.”

Through this program, highly-skilled professionals and technical interns visiting Japan from various countries gain insight into the Japanese economy and its industrialization process. The hope is that by utilizing this knowledge, they will potentially be able to contribute to the betterment of global society.

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