Business Matchmaking website Musubi launched, aimed for prospective Specified Skills Visa Program applicants in food service and accommodation industries

Web development company Casley Consulting and Daito Real Estate, have launched a business matchmaking website Musubi. The site is aimed for prospective Specified Skills Visa Program applicants particularly those in the food service and accommodation industries in Japan. Musubi was launched May 20, and is operated by the two companies’ co-funded entity Smart House Cooperative Business Corporation.

The objective of this website is to help prospective foreign talent relocate to Japan. There are many useful services that they can utilize, including a complimentary search and matching feature where users can look for jobs and workplaces with good working conditions that suit their qualifications and preferences. For an additional fee, they can request various services such as visa support, Japanese language learning and support after relocation. Currently, Musubi is looking to develop their business for talent in major Asian countries including Indonesia, Vietnam, China and the Philippines.

Prior to the implementation of the Specified Skills Visa Program, Technical Intern Training Programs were exposed to international scrutiny for their lack of control over technical-trainee brokers who charged foreign individuals at exorbitant rates for employment placement. Now that Musubi is available to help foreign talent, it is possible to look for potential workplaces without relying on such illicit brokers.

Another objective of Musubi is to address the labor shortage in Japan, one of the most pressing issues that the country currently faces. It is believed that the food service and accommodation industries will face a shortage of approximately 290,000 and 100,000 workers respectively in the next 5 years. Therefore, Musubi is expected to build a bridge between these two industries and young talents from Asian countries who are struggling to get an ideal job, and become the best solution for both parties.

Casley Consulting and DAITO Real Estate, the co-owners of Musubi stated in their press release that they envisage 5,000 foreign workers will be hired by Japanese companies through the website by 2020. They also noted that after 2021, they are planning to provide employment support for their users who wish to return their home country and help them take back Japan’s Omotenashi (hospitality) culture.

If you wish to get a clear image of how to find a job, or are looking for a budget-friendly option, an employment support service for foreign workers like Musubi might help you land a job.

[Website] Musubi, business matchmaking service for Specified Skills Visa Program

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