Education loan now available for Indonesian students who wish to pursue a career in Japan

The 3 companies namely Sawayaka Club, The Hiroshima Bank Ltd., and PT Bank JTrust Indonesia Tbk.(J TRUST BANK) have jointly developed an education loan aiming at obtaining advanced Japanese language skills for Indonesian students who wish to work or acquire technical skills in Japan. The loan was made available from January 24 in Indonesia.

This educational loan product is available for students enrolling in language schools operated by Sawayaka club all over Indonesia. This would be the first educational loan made available in Indonesia by banks for students pursuing a career in Japan.

Till now, there was no exclusive loan product to support advanced Japanese language expenses in Indonesia and hence students with weaker economic background did not have the opportunity of learning advanced Japanese language skills. Under the Japan’s Immigration Control Law that asks for advanced language skills worldwide, even bright students were unable to grab the opportunities of making career in Japan due to financial difficulties.

To resolve such challenges, Sawayaka Club specialized in conversational ability and Japanese language teaching skills, Hiroshima Bank that has a wide network over western Japan, and J TRUST BANK that has a strong hold in retails in Indonesia have jointly developed this educational loan product. In future, these 3 companies aim to contribute in the development of both Japan and Indonesia through this educational loan.

Indonesian students aspiring a career in Japan but finding difficulties due to economic problems can now use this loan and the doors of Japan would be wide open for them.

[Reference] The 3 companies develop a new educational loan product for Indonesian students aspiring career in Japan.

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