WakuWaku Japan Channel to start in Vietnam with full Vietnamese subtitles

Wakuwaku Japan, a TV company that exports Japanese TV shows translated into the country of origin’s native language have started a new Wakuwaku Japan channel, showing Japanese TV shows aimed for a Vietnamese audience. Since January 2019 they have been translating the show to provide full Vietnamese subtitles.

Wakuwaku Japan Channel is a Japanese speciality TV channel broadcasting Japanese programs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Through dramas, variety, travel and culture shows they are trying to communicate various different appeals of Japanese culture. The channel started a trial broadcast in April 2018, but since January 2019 starting broadcasting properly with Vietnamese subtitles added to all programs.

The company has developed channels in eight countries and regions in Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, and Mongolia. In December 2016, they got a slot on Vietnam state-run TV station VTV’s cable channel VTVCab and started showing Japanese TV shows with Vietnamese subtitles in Wakuwaku Japan Hour. Following this, they went through the official legal procedures to acquire a full broadcasting license.

After this, on 12th December 2018 they officially announced that they were working together with Vietnam Department of Defense affiliated company Viettel and VTVcab’s joint mobile telephone contents transmission services Onme and VieON to start broadcasting their own channel. Currently it can be viewed on 4 platforms, VTVCab, ViettelTV, Onme and VieOn.

Now that you can watch Japanese TV shows in Vietnam, many Vietnamese people can feel free to enjoy Japanese culture. It is expected that the company’s service will expand so that users can be not only interested in Japan but also use it as a teaching material when studying Japanese.

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