Oricon Survey Finds En TENSHOKU Most Popular and Satisfying Career-change Website

The most popular job search website for both career change and temporary employment has been announced. On June 3, Oricon ME announced the results of its survey on its website Oricon customer satisfaction survey®. The results included categories for career-change sites, career-change sites specifically for women, and sites for temporary employment.

In this survey, the results were concluded based on five evaluation points; easy registration, information content and ease in understanding, effortless search capability, search results delivery, and simplicity in using the site. The results revealed that En Japan was selected as the top website across three categories.

In the category of career-change sites, En Japan’s En TENSHOKU website ranked first for the second year consecutively. Users comments included “The site staff have actually visited the companies, which made it possible to get an understanding about the atmosphere at the company (a female in her 50s),” “Searching was easy, and I was able to find the desired job (a male in his 20s).” Doda of Persol Career came second. The site came fourth last time.

2019年転職サイトランキング[Ranking of Career-change sites 2019]
2019年転職サイトランキング各項目TOP 3 Ranking: separated by age, TOP 3 Ranking: separated by industry, Ranking: separated by annual income

Next, in the category of career-change sites specifically for women, En Japan’s En TENSHOKU was ranked first again, the same as in the career-change sites category. Users mentioned that “The feedback and opinions of the reviewers on the site gave a realistic impression about the organization (a female in her 20s),” “It’s an easy-to-use site for beginners, and communication with companies became efficient and easier with this site (a female in her 20s).” Torabayu, a job posting and career-change site specifically for women, operated by Recruit Holdings came in second, followed by Doda of Persol Career in third place.

2019年転職サイト女性ランキング[Ranking of career-change sites specifically for women 2019]
2019年転職サイト女性ランキング項目別TOP 3 Ranking: separated by age

Lastly, in the category of temporary employment sites, En HAKEN operated by En Japan was ranked No. 1. Hatarako-net, run by DIP Corporation, came second, followed by Rikunabi Haken of Recruit Jobs in third place.

2019年派遣情報サイトランキング[Ranking of temporary employment sites 2019]

The survey “career-change sites” was conducted from February 20 to February 27 of 2017, March 22 to April 2 of 2018 and February 20 to February 28 of 2019, a total of 28 days. The survey included 24 companies and 4,272 people nationwide. The people in the survey, ranging between 18 to 59 years old, were those who have used career-change sites in the last 5 years and have changed jobs are working as permanent employees.

Moreover, the survey “career-change sites featuring women” was completed in the same duration as the career-change sites, but on 17 companies and on 1,591 women nationwide ranging between 19 to 59 years old, and who have used career-change sites in the last 5 years and are now working as permanent employees.

The survey “temporary employment sites” was conducted from February 17 to February 27 of 2017 and February 21 to February 25 of 2019, a total of 25 days. It focused on 9 companies and people over 20 nationwide who have become employed in the last 3 years through using information on sites that mainly post temporary positions. The targeted respondents were those who had employment status as temporary at the time of employment, including those who started as temporary employees but were expected to become employed directly by the company after the contract ended.

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