Doda’s job market forecast for the first half of 2019: highly specialized positions will be in demand

On January 7th, recruitment website doda, operated by major recruitment agency Personal Career Co. Ltd, released its job market forecast for the first half of 2019.

According to their analysis, the job market for the first half of 2019 seems like it will continue to be strong on the whole, and companies are keenly looking for potential candidates. January to March is expected to be the most active period, in terms of both the number of job postings and the number of applicants. It looks like there will still be a large number of job vacancies even after April, with the opening of supporting positions to cover the training of new recruits. Additionally, some companies are likely to start posting various positions so to hire experienced candidates before they start their recruitment of university students who will graduate in Spring 2020.

Doda selected 14 industries and job categories, and published a break down its forecast of job posting growth. They expect to see a strong growth in postings for sales, human resources, accounting, and legal affairs. The 5 categories of planning/marketing, creative, IT/communication, electrical/machinery, and distributive/service positions are expected to see mild increases, whereas chemistry/primary material, construction/civil engineering, medical, and clerical/assistant positions are expected to maintain current levels. On the other hand, the finance industry is expected to see a mild decrease.

job market forecast for the first half of 2019

Recently, various companies from several industries have been looking to hire highly experienced individuals for sales positions, as well as individuals with experience in data analysis. Doda predicts that many companies will recruit candidates with technical experience or industry-specific knowledge for their sales positions. Therefore, there would be wider career options for those looking to change jobs. For example, an individual with web engineering experience can look for a sales position in an IT company, or an individual with finance or medical industry experience can look for a sales position in a totally different industry.

Data scientists are popular in the IT/communication, electrical/machinery, and planning/marketing industries, and there is also a high demand to fill web marketing positions in the planning/marketing industry. Many companies want to recruit individuals who can make use of large databases within the company to improve their business.

If you wish to take advantage of your skills and get a job in the same industry or even in a different industry, this forecast could be good news for your search.

[Reference] Job market forecast for the first half of 2019 | Best job website doda

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