Best places to work in Japan, according to DODA survey

On November 5th, recruitment website DODA, operated by major recruitment agency Personal Career Co. Ltd, released a 2018 ranking of best places to work in Japan, surveying 15000 business people aged 20 to 59. According to DODA, Tokyo station ranked the first place for the Kanto area, pulling far ahead of Yokohama in second place by over 1.5 points.

Tokyo station tops the ranking due to its great access to many lines including the JR line, several subway lines and the Shinkansen bullet train. Yokohama station came second place for the same reason as the first, being another one of the biggest terminal stations in Japan.

Shinjuku, often called the largest terminal station in Japan, came third position. One of the reasons is because people can enjoy themselves in the area after work as well as its transport convenience.

Shinagawa sits in fourth place in expectation of a more convenient transportation system. A new station will open prior to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and a linear Shinkansen will also run between Shinagawa and Nagoya in 2017.

Ginza came fifth position, a popular area due to the luxurious atmosphere created by the many high-end global brand stores in its shopping district, in addition to its accessibility.

In the Kansai area’s ranking, the first place is Umeda, the largest area in Kansai, having a great deal of shops and departments stores as well as easy access to Kyoto, Kobe and other parts of Osaka. Kyoto station stands in second, very popular for tourists with its traditional Japanese atmosphere. Sannomiya in Kobe came in third, a beautiful seaside port area of the city with an attractive fashionable shopping district.

Looking at the Tokai area, Nagoya / Meitetsu Nagoya tops the ranking, followed by Shizuoka and Hamamatsu.

Where to work definitely makes a big difference on your everyday life. If you want to work in popular areas, why not check out the above rankings to find an ideal company and place to work?

[Reference]Doda surveyed 15000 business people and released the 2018 ranking of the best places to work.

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