Bizmates to officially launch Zipan, an online Japanese learning service for foreign workers


On May 28, Bizmates, an online business English learning service, and G Talent, an employment agency for skilled foreign IT workers, officially launched Zipan, an online Japanese learning service for foreign workers.

Zipan’s service is aimed for foreign talent eligible for the Specified Skills Visa Program; this includes those who already work in the country, and those who live abroad and wish to work in Japan in the future. This service offers an extensive one-on-one learning experience for users to acquire essential Japanese language skills, so they can take an active role in Japanese society, complex Japanese corporate culture and understand etiquette.

They provide original material that covers common business situations and conversations, including how to make an effective self-introduction, helping people make a good impression. The material also covers how to politely ask your boss questions, and how to politely say no to your boss. Users will learn all these necessary expressions and related cultural etiquette in a role-play style with Japanese teachers who have abundant business and office work experience. Moreover, there are more than 100 types of video materials that users can use as self-learning resources.

Zipan image

To use their service, you first need to have the Skype app on your computer or your smartphone. There are no entrance fees or class material fees, you just pay 12,500 yen (excluding tax) for 5 lessons per month. If you wish to take more than 5 classes a month, you can purchase extra lessons tickets at 1,800 yen each.

If you wish to keep moving your career forward in the Japanese business world, it is important to become familiar with Japanese corporate culture and complex business etiquette, as well as becoming fluent in Japanese. Therefore, this service might be helpful for those who seek to master these skills.