Miidas starts new competency test for job seekers to help connect with companies

On July 24, job-hunting service Miidas, owned by the recruitment service company of the same name, started offering a new search function on their website for companies to look up prospective job seekers based on the Miidas Competency Test, on which job seekers learn more about their capabilities. Miidas is a subsidiary of the major staffing enterprise Persol Holdings.

Competency, in their definition, describes a focused and consistent business style by which the individual can steadily achieve the goals that are assigned to them. The new search function enables professional matches between companies and 13,500 jobseekers, based on their results on the Miidas Competency Test. This test evaluates 41 capabilities that were developed by Miidas. With this feature, companies can now get a better idea of applicants’ behavioral traits, which might not have been revealed by resume screening and interviews.

These 41 capabilities include the candidate’s strengths, leadership and teamwork traits, stress triggers in the work environment, management skills, and more. Knowing one’s own characteristics is beneficial to job seekers, and could prevent them from landing a job that isn’t a good fit.


In addition to the competency test, users can also take the Miidas Personality Test for free to learn more about their personality, which can help them decide whether a particular job is a good fit. They can consider how suitable or unsuitable each position is and evaluate it in terms of the type of career they want. Moreover, they can get an idea of their market value, which is calculated with job hunting data from around three million Miidas users.

As these results are also available to companies, users can get interview offers directly from companies that have posted positions that meet their expectations for annual salary and other factors. The Miidas Personality Test can be a useful tool in your job search.

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