Electric and gas best industries for full time employees, survey says

When choosing a place to work, it’s important to check the quality of the workplace and the benefits that a company offers beforehand. The company review site Career Connections has released a ranking that lets you consider the best industries for full time workers.

正社員が働きやすい業界ランキングRanking of Best Industries for Full Time Workers

The industries that came in 1st place were the electric and gas and pharmaceutical industries. As these industries are partly responsible for society’s infrastructure, new companies are entering them due to the retail liberalization of energy. Among companies in these industries, Tokyo Gas was rated especially highly. The company prohibits overtime work past 8 P.M., and they have introduced flex-time and remote work for their employees. They also provide employee benefits such as single and family dorms, which help relieve employee’s burden for housing expenses. Benefits like these helped raise their ranking.

Pharmaceutical was one industry where employees were very satisfied with their salary. Both foreign and Japanese companies are making an effort to improve work-life balance for their workers. At Astellas Pharma, they’ve introduced systems for flex-time depends on tasks, as well as discretionary work programs. They’re also implementing childbirth support, and are providing assistance for childcare expenses and opportunities to work from home. Astellas was also chosen as a “Nadeshiko Brand” in 2016, for its superior efforts as a company to provide a good working environment for female employees.

The glass and stone and clay industries came in 3rd place. These are industries that mainly develop and manufacture the glass used in architecture and automobiles, as well as the circuit boards used in LCDs, cement and clay products for architecture, ceramics, and other such materials. Since 2015, the company TOTO has introduced its “Papa and Mama System,” which encourages employees to take consecutive days off for child raising, as well as taking care of their children (up to 6 years old) when they are sick or injured. Also, they’re incorporating employee development systems to improve motivation, such as job requests and internal job postings, as well as systems for trying overseas work.

Coming in 4th place was the electrical appliances industry. The transport equipment and chemical industries were in 5th place, and the lease, consumer finance, credit card, and mail-order industries were in 7th place. The petroleum and coal industry was in 8th place. 9th place was the non-ferrous metals industry, and 10th place was the banking industry.

There are a lot of companies in this ranking that have high salaries and future prospects. There are also many companies that provide benefits to properly take care of their employees. There are various standards for choosing a company based on your individual needs for work-life balance, including things like flex time, child raising support, and employee development. When you’re interested in a company, you should check beforehand to see if they offer these benefits.

This survey was conducted from April 1st, 2015 to March 31st, 2018. It was aimed at Career Connection members who designated their workplaces as companies to be evaluated in this survey.

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