Average hourly wage for part-timers nationwide is 1,051 yen. Kyushu shows an increasing trend

On January 16, “an” a part-time job recruitment media operated by Persol Career, which is a leading Human Resources Service Company, announced the latest average hourly wages across the country. These wages were analyzed from the recruitment advertisements posted on company’s media.

According to the company, the hourly wages nationwide were 1,051 yen in December 2018, which shows a decrease for the first time in 47 months from the same month the year before.

If we look at the average hourly wages area-wise, the highest was Kanto area with 1,102 yen, followed by Kansai area with 1,046 yen, Tokai area with 1,044 yen, Kyushu area with 943 yen, and Hokkaido area with 941 yen. Kyushu and Hokkaido area show a continuous rise for past 65 months and 47 months respectively when compared to previous years same month.

Particularly, in Kyushu area, the average hourly wages of companies that provide service to tourists such as hotels and restaurants is increasing with the increase in inbound demand, showing an overall increase as compared to same month of previous year.

If we look at the average hourly wage by occupation, top most was 1,252 yen for professionals, followed by 1,144 yen for transportation, 1,081 yen for administrative and clerical jobs, and 1,077 yen for service industry. Food industry jobs accounted for 998 yen and sales related jobs for 990 yen, which was lower than any other job types.

From this survey, although it is understood that there is continued labor shortage all over Japan, the average hourly wage in downtown areas that was ever-increasing continue to remain high.

According to the chief editor of “an” company Mr. Kawai, the “Food” and “Sales” industry jobs which were on hold by year end are expected to increase from January and hence the average hourly wages are expected to decrease.

It is understood from survey that for the same part-time job, hourly wages differ greatly depending on the region and job type. Those considering a part-time job must refer this information.

[Reference] Investigations by “an”, a part-time job listing service company show an average of 1,051 yen nationwide for part-time job wages as of December 2018 ~ “Kyushu area” shows an increase than previous month and an year-on-year increase with the increase in foreign tourists and impact of urban development~

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