75% of university students have unofficial job offers as of the end of June

On July 4, Mynavi Corporation released the results of its survey on the ratio of unofficial job offers that undergraduate and graduate students expected to graduate in 2020 have received as of the end of June.

According to the survey, 74.4% of undergraduate and graduate students had received unofficial job offers as of the end of June, which is a decrease of 1.9% compared to the same month of last year. Compared by faculty and gender, 80.4% of male students and 83.3% of female students in science and mathematics already have unofficial job offers, both genders exceeding 80%. As for liberal arts students, 70.7% of male students and 69.7% of female students already have unofficial job offers, compared to science and mathematics students, a considerably smaller percentage.


Moreover, among science and mathematics students, 77.3% of undergraduate students have unofficial offers, whereas graduates are doing much better with 87.1% of them already having unofficial job offers.

The average number of companies that students have attained unofficial early offers from was 2.2, equivalent to the result from the same month last year. The percentage of students who still plan to continue job hunting was 45.8%, including those students who haven’t had early job offers. It also appeared that most of the students still looking for jobs are liberal arts majors.

This survey was conducted nationwide from June 24 to June 30, 2019, with the participants 4th-year-undergraduate and 2nd-year-graduate student Mynavi 2020 website members who are expected to graduate in March 2020. It was an online survey with 4,755 respondents(1,083 liberal arts male students, 2,101 liberal arts female students, 947 male science and mathematics students, and 624 female science and mathematics students).

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