MAsia, a review website about technical internships and specified skills programs aimed for Vietnamese job-seekers, launches its Japanese version

On May 15, Cross Border Mobility Asia (CBM Asia), a staffing company based in Vietnam, launched MAsia, a review and web portal site focused on technical internships and specified skills visa programs for working in Japan.

MAsia will publish details of such programs, related articles, and reviews of about 70 Vietnamese placement agencies and 50 life support agencies by 100 former technical interns.

They intend to release neutral information about technical internship programs from the perspectives of multiple placement agencies, life support agencies and technical interns.

Based in Hanoi, Vietnam, CBM Asia will offer real-time information about Vietnamese placement agencies and job-seekers that is not accessible in Japan. They will also offer useful information about job fairs in Vietnam and help Vietnamese readers to build their professional networks.

The website is currently available only in Japanese, but CBM Asia plans to release a Vietnamese version in early June, and an English version later. They only have reviews about placement agencies at the moment, but will also add reviews about life support agencies and Japanese companies.

If you wish to learn about technical internships and specified skills visa programs in Japan, this website will bring you up to speed.

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