MyNavi survey shows that about 10% of companies to recruit 2019 pass-out foreign graduates

MyNavi corporation; a leading placement consulting company has published results on “MyNavi’s survey on potential recruitments for 2019 graduates”. The survey was conducted on over 3000 companies in Japan for potential recruitments of 2019 graduates and recruitments perspectives for 2020 graduates.

According to the survey, when inquired about the potential recruitments for 2019 graduates, 11.7% of companies said that “They have recruited (plan to recruit) foreign students”, which accounts for 10% of the total 2019 graduates. Besides, 7.0% of companies said that “Recruitment drives were conducted but they were unable to recruit”.

Meanwhile, for 2020 potential recruitments, companies “Planning to recruit” foreign graduates were 10.7%, and companies “Currently considering foreign graduate recruits” were 28.8%. Hiring interest of foreign graduates among companies show a rising trend.

Moreover, when companies were asked about the reason for “Non-recruitment (No plans to recruit)” of foreign students, the response for reasons like “Lack of environment where foreigners can work (43.2%)”, and “Lack of acceptance at the job-site (43.8%)” were more than reasons like “Japanese Language Proficiency (24.7%)” and “Difficulty in Visa related procedures (14.6%)”. Thus, it is imperative that there is resistance from companies to recruit foreign students.

The government plans to revise the Immigration laws by April of next year and establish new residence status thereby attracting more foreign workers. In time with these changes, it is up to the Japanese companies whether they can show preparedness for accepting foreign students. This would be a major turning point for Japanese companies in securing human resources.

[Reference]Published “MyNavi’s survey on potential recruitments for 2019 graduates”

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