LINE and En Japan to start new job hunting service “Line Career”

On October 22nd, LENSA, a joint venture established by companies LINE and En Japan in April of this year, announced that they will be offering a new job hunting information service called Line Career. This new service can be used on LINE’s chat program.

LINE Career is a job hunting information service that combines the job postings on the website En Tenshoku, run by En Japan, with LINE’s 7.6 million user base.
If you’re a LINE user, you can use the service immediately without needing to install additional programs or registering a new account. The service allows you to job hunt even when you’re on the go.

You can also chat with the Line Career official account and easily register job postings that you that you want to apply to. The service also recommends job postings, and uses your Line Career search history to recommend jobs that might be a good fit for you. Recommended postings and even interview date reminders are sent with LINE push notifications, in addition to many other features that are unique to the LINE chat program.

Line Career

All job postings from En Tenshoku, a site offered by En Japan and run by both that company and LINE, are posted on LINE Career. Not only can you see the details of job postings, you can also read comments from current and former employees.

In the future, other job hunting services offered by En Japan will also be involved with LINE Career. Users will also be able to create resumes on the service, and receive offers directly from companies.

With its job postings and interview date reminders through push notifications, LINE Career offers many functions unique to the LINE chat program. For LINE users who are thinking of changing jobs, the service is an excellent option to aid in their search.

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