Employment site Gakujo launches Japan Jobs, a service to match advanced foreign talent and Japanese enterprises

Keidanren member and Tokyo Stock Exchange listed company Gakujo is to start a new employment support service for job-seeking foreigners.

On April 22, the company announced that it will be launching a specialized organization for foreign recruitment support, and will start Japan Jobs, a service supporting matches for nationwide companies and purportedly highly-talented foreign students.

Gakujo is a large comprehensive employment information company that has a track record of working with approximately 5,000 companies, with the help of investments from Asahi Shimbun and other major financial institutions. The company manages such things as Asagaku Navi, a job information site for new graduates made in collaboration with Asahi Shimbun as well as operating seminars like Employment Expo which has had more than 200,000 students attending and over 7,000 participating companies. They also manage Re Recruitment, a career change site aimed at young workers still in their 20s.

In the future, it is planned that Japan Jobs will carry out content distribution on Asakaku Navi, as well as holding matching events between companies and foreign personnel, in addition to seminars for companies and universities.

If you are a foreigner who is looking for a job in Japan where you can make the best use of your skills, why not take advantage of the services of several companies to help you look for a place to work?

[Corporate Site]Gakujo Co., Ltd.

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