Jopus Connecter Version 0.2.1 Release Notes

Improvements in Jopus Connecter Ver. 0.2.1

・ Changed the display location of this message “Because we are currently in beta version, if you use it for 1 hour continuously, you will not be able to use the chat function.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you cannot use the chat function, please log in again.”

-The design has been changed on the job seeker registration screen.

-Changed the screen design when chat is not started.

-The design has been changed to make it easier to see the type of job you are applying for on the page where the job offer is posted.

New features added in Jopus Connecter Ver. 0.2.1

-A keyword input assistance function has been added when selecting a country on the job seeker registration screen. By entering the country name on the screen, the country will be suggested.

-As a function on the company side, it is now possible to save drafts of job information.

-As a corporate function, sales are hidden.

【What is Jopus Connecter?】

Jopus Connecter is a recruiting site exclusively for foreigners operated by Goalist Co., Ltd. A foreign employee of the applicant company acts as a “Connecter” and provides foreign job seekers with job information and information about the working environment. Since you can consult with Connecter in English or your native language, you can attend the interview without any uncertainties or anxieties. We specialize only in jobs that want to hire foreign job seekers living in Japan or abroad, and new jobs are posted every day.

【Those who have not registered yet】
If you are looking for a job or plan to change jobs in the future, please register with Jopus Connecter. Profile registration can be completed in 5 minutes using the link here!

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