15% of Companies Actively Hiring Foreigners for Part Time Jobs – My Navi Survey

The major staffing service My Navi conducted a survey on employment. The survey targeted employees aged 20 to 69 who have been involved in hiring for part time jobs over the past year. According to the results, 68.5% of companies answered that they don’t have enough part time workers, indicating growing worries about workforce shortages as a whole.

Over 80% of answers regarding security and traffic guard positions, as well as cleaning, indicated a shortage in those fields. This shows that labor shortages are getting more severe. On the other hand, the amount of workers in office, data entry, reception, and call center positions was higher. Over 50% of respondents in those fields answered that they were satisfied with the amount of workers available. This was unique among the different industries surveyed, and showed a high satisfaction compared to other industries.

When it comes to employing foreigners for part time work, there was not a big gap between answers. Respondents who answered “Willing” and “Not willing” were evenly split at 50% each. However, only 15.2% of all respondents answered that they want to actively seek out foreigners to hire.

When broken down by industry, certain industries showed a higher willingness to hire foreigners than others. Security and traffic guards, sales and customer service, (convenience stores, supermarkets) architecture and construction workers (construction, civil engineering) were much higher compared to other industries.

The most common reason for wanting to hire foreigners was being able to solve or improve labor shortage problems. Some industries had more specific reasons. Office work, data entry, reception, and call center workplaces believed that it would be an incentive for Japanese workers to have more foreign staff, and that it would revitalize their workplaces. However, many manufacturing line and processing companies answered that they would be able to pay foreign employees lower wages.

Conversely, some companies had specific reasons for not wanting to hire foreigners. The top answer was a concern about their Japanese abilities being lacking – over 60% of respondents answered this. Manufacturing line and processing jobs also expressed concerns over cultural and value differences. Many delivery, moving, and driving companies believed that it wasn’t as effective to hire foreign workers.

It’s clear from this survey that many companies feel that there are high hurdles to foreign employment despite their worries about staff shortages at part time jobs. For foreigners considering working part time in Japan, having high Japanese ability may be an important first step.

[Reference Site] My Navi Announces Company Survey Regarding Part Time Job Employment

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