Pasona and Mizuho Information & Research Institute to start verification testing on supporting platform for companies who accept foreign workers

Pasona Group, a major human resource company in Japan, together with Mizuho Information & Research Institute, started beta testing on their platform, which manages databases of employment contracts and worker attendance, for companies who accept foreign workers.

This verification testing will utilize data from Kurashinity, a foreign housekeeper dispatch service operated by Pasona since 2017. Pasona and Mizoho are planning to assess the platform from various angles: managing contracts and attendance of foreign workers, and testing blockchain technology used for managing and sharing professional skills and profile information.

With the implementation of the new immigration control bill passed in December 2018, Japan will experience a greater influx of foreign workers than ever seen before. At the same time, companies who accept them will have to prepare themselves by building more efficient systems and procedures to help a smooth transition.

The objective of this testing is to help build a transparent and sustainable platform using blockchain, to decentralize and secure access to data, to prevent data fabrication, and to strictly separate confidential information from public information.

If the testing proves that this supporting platform is amenable for commercial use, it will alleviate the potentially tedious administrative work of companies accepting more foreign workers, and create more opportunities to hire such workers.

[Reference] Mizuho Information & Research Institute, in collaboration with Pasona, to start a verification testing on supporting platform for companies who accept foreign workers