Business matchmaking website “Tokutei Ginou Navi™️ (Specified Skills Visa Navi™️)” launched, aimed at prospective foreign talent

On May 21, Employment agency Push On launched a business matchmaking website “Tokutei Ginou Navi™️”, which specializes in the new residence status known as the “Specified Skills Visa Program’.

This website will connect prospective foreign talent with Japanese companies, based on their requirements and preferences respectively. Currently the website is only available in Vietnamese, and Vietnamese speaking jobseekers can sign up and apply for jobs free of charge. Their data will be translated into Japanese by Push On, and they are looking to support more languages in the near future.

Push On notes that they intend to provide legitimate business matchmaking support, which isn’t currently widely available. At present, Japanese companies can only recruit foreign talent from developing countries via local brokers, while locals can only look for jobs through these agents. Therefore, foreign talent had to risk paying unlawful transaction fees or being placed at companies that are far from their original requirements and preferences.

With this in mind, Push On aims to improve the transparency and fairness of the foreign labor market for both parties, by widely accepting job postings from Japanese companies as well as staffing companies on Tokutei Ginou Navi™️.

With the implementation of the Specified Skills Visa Program, various services for foreign talent, including employment support and language learning, have become available. If you wish to look for jobs in Japan, these support services like Tokutei Ginou Navi™️ might be of use to you.

[Website] Tokutei Ginou Navi™️, business matchmaking website specializing in the Specified Skills Visa program