Around 70% of companies will not do any recruitment work during the consecutive 10 public holidays this year – MyNavi survey results indicate

On March 20, MyNavi announced the results of a survey on recruitment activity during the consecutive 10 public holidays.

68.4% of companies are not planning to hold any recruitment briefings or selection meetings for 2020 graduates during the extended Golden Week, which is from April 27 (Saturday) to May 6 (Monday). A low 12.5% said they were planning to hold such meetings, whilst 19.1% said they were yet to decide whether they would.

Divided by industry, 85.7% of media companies, 82.5% of software and communication, and 79.3% of government agencies, public corporations and organizations responded that they would not hold any meetings about recruitment. At the lower end, 45.5% of the retail industry, whilst 63.2% of the service industry also responded they would not.

this shows industries that would not hold any meetings about recruitment.

Although nearly 70% of companies answered that they have no plans to do any recruitment related work during the holidays, retail and service industry corporations usually stay open during holiday periods due to customer demand, thus providing one explanation why companies in these industries may well conduct some recruitment work over these dates.

This survey was conducted from February 13 to March 6, 2019 with 1,192 companies taking part.

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