Survey reveals 40% of undergraduate and graduate students have early job offers at end of April

Many undergraduate and graduate students expected to graduate in 2020 have apparently already received unofficial job offers. To find out the ratio of university students who already have job offers, Mynavi conducted a survey on its members at the end of April. The result of this survey was announced on May 10.

From the survey results, it is understood that almost 40% of undergraduate and graduate students who are expected to graduate in 2020 have already got early job offers from companies. This shows an increase of 6.1% compared to the same month last year, which was at 39.3% of students.

2020年卒マイナビ大学生就職内定率調査The percentage of students who have unofficial job offers (overall)

Compared by faculty and gender, 35.5% of male students and 32.5 % female students in liberal arts already have unofficial job offers. On the other hand, 50.9% of male students and 42.8% of female students in science and mathematics already have unofficial job offers, far above the percentage of liberal arts students. Moreover, among the science and mathematics students, if we compare undergraduate and graduate students, undergraduates account for 44.3%, whereas graduates for more than half of the number of students at 51.8%.

The overall average number of companies that students have attained unofficial early offers from has increased by 0.1% at 1.6 companies compared to the same month last year. The percentage of students who still plan to continue job hunting was 87.6%, including those students who haven’t had early job offers.

This survey was conducted nationwide from April 24 to April 30, 2019 on Mynavi 2020 members who are 4th-year-undergraduate and 2nd-year-graduate students and are expected to graduate in March 2020. It was an online survey on 7,342 respondents (1,439 liberal arts male students, 3,701 liberal arts female students, 1,098 male science and mathematics students, 1,104 female science and mathematics students).

[Reference site] Mynavi survey on potential 2020 recruits

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