Expats with overseas business experience needed in Japan!

On July 30, JAC Recruitment, a leading recruitment agency, announced the latest white-collar job change trend in Asian countries.

According to the announcement, job positions in charge of overseas business at Japanese companies are increasingly in demand; by 112% compared to this quarter last year and 119% over the previous quarter respectively. As the Japanese economy grows steadily, companies in each industry are increasingly in competition with one another in the hunt for highly skilled professionals.

We can see a sharp growth in demand for international workers, particularly in such industries as chemical, construction, and logistics. Manufacturers also require IT skilled talent because of its growing investment in the IT sector.

A lot of companies in these industries have struggled to acquire new employees. In the chemical industry, for example, marketers and sales persons with a technical background who can work with companies in emerging Asian countries are needed urgently. The construction firms need more workers due to an increase in large-scale infrastructure projects in the Mekong region, in India and in the Middle East. There is also a shortage of professionals for international logistics in the logistics industry, as they expand factories, business, and product distribution due to the growing consumer market.

Enterprises in almost all industries in Japan have developed their global business and need more international workers than ever who can engage in their overseas business. And, this is not too much of an exaggeration as the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare reported the effective job offering ratio (seasonally adjusted value) in May was 1.60 points, and still remains at its highest level since 1990. So, it’s a big opportunity for expats to find a well-paid job in Japan.

If you wish to advance your career by utilizing your language skills and expertise, why not register on the JAC and keep your eye on the latest job offers?

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