Human Resocia and Nepalese Universities to provide Japanese Language Education and Job Hunting Support to Technical Students.

On November 30th, the major recruiting service Human Resocia announced that it has entered into a memorandum with three universities in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu to promote Japanese language education and support Nepalese people looking for work in Japan as IT engineers.

Human Resocia has partnered with the Insitute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University (a national university), Nami College (private), and Pokhara University (public). All three universities boast of some of the best educational standards in Nepal.

Besdies providing support in starting Japanese language courses at each university, Human Resocia will also employ students who are interested in their company after they graduate. They will dispatch these people to Japanese companies, offering them a chance to be employed as IT engineers in Japan.

To deal with the worsening shortage of IT engineers in Japan, Human Resocia is offering GIT (Global IT Talent) Service, which dispatches talented foreign IT engineers to Japanese companies. It currently employs more than 350 people from 30 countries.

According to data from the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), Nepalese are the 3rd largest group of exchange students in Japan at 21,500 people (as of May 2017). This is just behind Chinese and Vietnamese exchange students. Japan is a popular destination for Nepalese students to study abroad.

From the 2019 fiscal year, Human Resocia plans to employ 100 IT engineers from Nepal each year. While providing employment opportunities to technical students in Nepal, it will also support the hiring of talented engineers for Japanese companies.

〔Source Press Release〕 Human Resocia Enters into a Memorandum with Three Nepalese Universities to Collaborate on Japanese Language Education and Job Hunting Support

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