Leverages to launch employment support service for foreign talent

On July 4, career support company Leverages announced a new enterprise called Global Support Project to promote employment of foreign talent. They have already launched part of the service, Leverages Global Support, that specializes in technical trainees, workers with specified skills and IT professionals.

Leverages offers popular career support services for IT and medical professionals, as well as elderly care providers. With the expertise they have cultivated over the years, in its Leverages Global Support Project, the company will start offering employment support mainly for Asian job-seekers, such as those coming from Vietnam. Leverages will begin the service in the Kanto region, but it will be later expanded throughout the rest of Japan.

現地視察の様子On-site visit

The service includes employment support for prospective technical trainees through various steps, such as coordinating screening and interviewing, recruitment, post-arrival language lessons, and regular consultation by liaising with trusted placement agencies abroad and settlement agencies in Japan. Trainees will receive continuous follow-up programs during the training period, ranging from skill improvement courses to settlement services. In addition, by working together with Levtech Career, a Leverages subsidiary employment agency that specializes in IT professionals, they will promote employment support for IT professionals mainly from India.

技能実習生の送り出し・受け入れサービス提供予定図Service plan to send and accept technical trainees
特定技能実習サービス予定図Service plan for Specified Skilled Workers

In their Global Support Project, Leverages aims to work with foreign talent and local companies with integrity and to provide the best possible value to both parties. The company also plans to expand support to international talent with the new Specified Skilled Worker residence status, and based on Leverages’ track record, it will likely be a novel and successful project.

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