Admission-free community café for job-hunting students to open

外資就活カフェ イメージ

On October 1, Gaishi Shukatsu Café, an admission-free community space for job-seeking students, will open stores at locations close to three universities: the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, and Osaka University. The initiator behind this launch is HowTelevision, a career support media company that operates the website that specializes in helping job-hunting students who wish to work at multinational companies.

外資就活カフェ is one of the most popular career information websites for students who aim to work at multinationals or major Japanese companies. It is said that nearly 80% of job-seeking students from The University of Tokyo, Keio University, and Hitotsubashi University are subscribed to the website. With the motto of providing users with networking prospects, learning opportunities and real work experience to help them broaden their knowledge, the site offers various useful employment-oriented information such as job openings, as well as discussion boards and articles.

The idea of the Gaishi Shukatsu Café comes from HowTelevision’s aspiration to bring’s concept into the physical world. At these cafés, students can take part in various events such as career guidance, internship fairs, and company information sessions to gain more insight about their career development. Moreover, they can access job openings carefully selected by at the cafés, in addition to ordering drinks, and having access to power outlets and wi-fi, all free of charge.

The University of Tokyo Hongo branch will operate as an event venue, providing 48 seats on the 5th floor of the Sky Vision Building, a minute walk from the Akamon Gate of the Hongo Campus. The University of Kyoto Yoshida branch will operate as a co-working space as well as an event venue and a café (open from 11 am to 9 pm), providing 45 seats on the 1st floor of the Daisho Hyakumanben Building, a minute walk from the Hyakumanben gate of the Yoshida Campus. The University of Osaka Toyonaka branch will also operate as a co-working space as well as an event venue and a café (open from 11 am to 9 pm), providing 60 seats on the 1st floor of the Daiku Daiichi Building, a two-minute walk from the Ishibashi Gate by the Handaizaka Intersection. has been serving as a bridge between global-minded students and companies, and now that the Gaishi Shukatsu Cafés bring this concept into a reality, they will no doubt prove to be popular spots for job-seeking students.

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