【Tokyo】 Customer Support (Russian)

Application Requirements

Title 【Tokyo】 Customer Support (Russian)
Company description E-commerce (Japanese product purchasing agency service business for foreigners living overseas and Japanese expatriates)
Work tasks ・ Respond to English inquiries (email, phone, etc.) from customers who sell Japanese products online
・ Internal contact (Japanese)
・ Interpretation Business
Why should you apply? 1. Salary increase twice a year
2. Full social insurance, full support for work visas, abundant events such as department drinking parties (all paid by the company)
3. Transportation expenses: Up to 30,000 yen per month
Employment type Full-time employee
Work location Tokyo
Annual salary 3.27 million yen
Japanese requirement N2
Entry qualifications 【MUST】
Those who meet both of the conditions of 1 and 21. Those who are from Russia and whose native language is Russian2. Those who have N2 or higher in Japanese and business level or higher in English.3. Have the ability to understand English and compose sentences.

【Preferred skills】
Required language
Japanese (business level)
English (business level)
Indonesian (native level)

Preferential treatment for those who have experience in office work and customer service operations

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