【7/23 (Fri) -9/5 (Sun)】Joe’s Corporation provides free online medical services for foreign residents in Japan

Joe’s Corporation, which operates a multilingual online medical service “OH Doctor” for foreign residents in Japan, will launch an “OH Doctor Support Campaign” in 2021 that allows people to consult with doctors for free in multiple languages ​​regarding anxiety and doubts about their physical condition. It will start on July 23 (Tuesday).

While the spread of the new coronavirus infection has not subsided, many people may be concerned about their physical condition or complain of mental illness. This service is an online medical service that allows foreigners living in Japan to consult in their native language about stress, anxiety, their physical condition, and questions. We have a large number of doctors who can speak English, Chinese, and Vietnamese, so we provide an environment where you can receive consultations and medical care anytime, anywhere.

In this campaign, which starts on July 23 (Tuesday), you can chat with us from LINE. You can consult for free during the campaign period.







By using this service, it is possible not only to provide online medical consultations, but also to issue referral letters, provide medical care, make reservations for PCR tests, and prescribe drugs. Foreigners living in Japan should definitely try this service.

【Reference 】Decided to start “OH Doctor Support Campaign”, multilingual online medical service “OH Doctor” reduces health concerns in corona disaster through online medical consultation

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