Japan and Indonesia to cooperate to protect specified skilled workers

On June 25, the Government of Japan and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) on a basic framework for the proper operation of the system pertaining to foreign human resource with the new residence status of “Specified Skilled Worker.” Based on the laws and regulations of both governments, they will share perspectives on enhancing mutual benefits with respect to sending and accepting specified skilled workers, and to establish protection mechanisms for specified skilled workers.

The MoC had many points specified in it, and these included: the purpose of the initiative, the definitions of the terms referred to in the MoC, the contact points, the scope of persons subject to the MoC, confidentiality, basic framework for information partnership, commitments of both governments, the arrangements on the skill exams and language tests, annual review of the MoC, resolution of disputes, the sequence of arrangements starting from commencement to termination, and the duration of the MoC.

The basic framework for information partnership includes the following subjects that require consultation between both governments: prompt information-sharing to ensure smooth and proper implementation of the Specified Skilled Worker program issues, changes to and assurance of the appropriateness of the program and its policies, issues related to corrective measures of organizations engaging in support for type 1 Specified Skilled Workers , issues related to proper implementation of skill exams and language tests, and issues related to residence management of the Specified Skilled Workers.

As for the commitments of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, the following items were included in the MoC: verification of job vacancies provided by public or private organizations in Japan which intend to enter into an employment contract with Indonesian Specified Skilled Workers, announcement of other job vacancies, disclosure of the database of prospective Specified Skilled Worker applicants, and announcement of the proper recruitment process, all through IPKOL, an online labor market information platform in Indonesia.

In addition, the Government of Japan included the following commitments in the MoC, in relation to accepting Specified Skilled Workers from Indonesia: to notify the Government of the Republic of Indonesia about an order of improvement to accepting organizations, to share the list of registered supporting organizations, to inform accepting organizations to register in the IPKOL and to ensure that accepting organizations hold a pre-arrival or post-arrival orientation for prospective Specified Skilled Workers from Indonesia.

The MoC will commence on the date of signature, and will be effective for 5 years. Based on the written agreement of both governments through diplomatic channels, the MoC may be subject to modification, supplementation, extension and termination. Both governments also confirmed that they will meet at least annually to review the contents of the MoC, or exchange documents if the meeting cannot be conducted.

[Reference]Signing of Memorandum of Cooperation between Japan and Indonesia on a Basic Framework for Proper Operation of the System pertaining to Foreign Human Resources with the Status of Residence of “Specified Skilled Worker”
[Reference]Memorandum of Cooperation on a Basic Framework for Proper Operation of the System pertaining to Foreign Human Resources with the Status of Residence of “Specified Skilled Worker”