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One of the most referral-making agencies in Japan, Doda offers total specialist support

Doda is a career support service agency which is operated by Persol Career, the largest career transition support company in the industry. They hold more than 100,000 postings including non-disclosed postings, many of which are for full-time jobs. Doda’s career advisors introduce each job seeker to the best suited positions after considering their preferences. In addition to making job referrals, the well-rounded services they offer include not only support with application documents and job interviews, but also arranging interview and starting dates, and negotiating the salary. Doda also operates scout services and job fairs that support your job search in various different ways.

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Service Name Doda/デューダ
Type of Business Employment Agency
Suppoerted Language Japanese
Employment Status Full time, contract
Specialized Industries All
Available Position Types All
Number of Postings More than 60,000
*More than 130,000 including non-disclosed postings
Number of Users About 4,630,000
Provider Name Personal Career
Capital Stock 1,127,000,000 yen
CEO Taro Mineo
Date Established June 1989
Head Office Marunouchi Bld. 27F Marunouchi 2-4-1 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Branch Office in Japan Hokkaido, Miyagi, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Shizuoka, Aichi, Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Okayama, Hiroshima, Fukuoka
Branch Overseas

The advantages of using Doda

The advantages of using Doda services:

  1. Trusted by about 4,500,000 users for its wide range of jobs
  2. Substantial help for job seekers – from job postings to scout services and referrals
  3. High profile fairs are some of the largest in the nation

1. More than 100,000 postings, including non-disclosed ones

After considering his or her preferences, Doda’s career advisors introduce each job seeker the best suited positions from more than 100,000 postings, including non-disclosed ones. Doda holds a wide range of jobs in so many fields that it welcomes job seekers with various needs, including those who have not decided on a career field, or those who are looking for a career very different from their current one.

2. Total support completes your career-transition

Doda’s agent service provides well-rounded services, which includes not only support with application documents, such as proofreading resumes and submission of the documents, but also support with preparing for interviews and arranging interview dates. This makes the career-transition period stress free for job seekers, even for those who are busy with their current job. One of the many advantages of using Doda is that the agency will step in to do things job seekers may feel uncomfortable doing, such as negotiating the salary, in order to satisfy their conditions.

3. Career advisor just for you

From the beginning to the end of the career transition journey, your career advisor, who is an expert in various fields and career types, will provide total support. Doda’s career advisors introduce each job seeker the best-suited positions after considering his or her strengths, aptitudes, and preferences. Job seekers can discuss freely their preferences in career counseling with their career advisors. This may even help job seekers to realize new possible directions, even if they have not yet decided what they want to do. Doda offers career counseling in Tokyo, Yokohama, Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka, Okayama, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka. You can also try out their phone or email counseling if you are not able to go to any of these offices.

Doda’s website

For more information on how to use Doda and access their job support service, please visit their website by clicking the link below.

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