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Recommended for those wanting to step up their career or work for a foreign owned company

With offices in major cities in 30 countries around the world, Robert Walters is a career change support service that has been operating in Japan for about 20 years, supporting bilingual talent move to positions at foreign and Japanese global companies.

They have connections with a wide range of companies from global sized to start-ups, small-sized businesses to large ones in an extensive variety of industries and fields. Furthermore, their career consultants have a wealth of knowledge in each individual field and can introduce you to appropriate jobs that match your skills and experience. In addition, since their career consultants fully support you in everything that is required in order to smoothly change jobs, from the initial preparation stage through to application and interviews, they make it very easy for you to make the career transition with no trouble. They are a highly popular choice for those who want to work at a global company, although they also support career change of not only full-time employees but also temporary staff and contract workers. Their service is recommended for those wanting to step up their career with their multi-lingual skills or those wanting to build on their expertise in specialized fields.

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Service Name Robert Walters
Type of Business Recruitment Agency
Supported Language(s) Japanese, English
Employment Status Full time, temporary, contractual employee
Specialized Industries All
Available Position Types All
Number of Postings 1300
Number of Users
Provider Name Robert Walters Japan
Capital Stock
CEO Jeremy Sampson
Year Established 4 January 2000
Head Office 14F Shibuyaminami Tokyu Building, 3-12-18 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Branch Office in Japan Tokyo, Osaka
Overseas Branch Ireland, Africa, USA, the UK, Indonesia, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, Spain, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Middle east, Chile, Germany, New Zealand, the Philippines, Brazil, France, Vietnam, Belgium, Portugal, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Africa, Luxembourg

Advantages of using Robert Walters

Robert Walters offers the following advantages to its users:

  1. Thorough support with specialists highly knowledgeable in every field
  2. An unshakeable record of awards
  3. Support from initial preparation stage through to getting an offer

1. Thorough support with specialists highly knowledgeable in every field

Robert Walters has offices in major cities in 30 countries worldwide, with offices in Tokyo and Osaka in Japan. Over the last 20 years In Japan, they have built a track record in helping foreign companies and Japanese global companies by using their global network to their advantage. Robert Walters fill job vacancies ranging from some of the world’s leading global companies to start-ups and small and medium businesses. They deal with many types of industries and fields including finance, accounting, IT, legal, compliance, sales and marketing, human resources, administration, business support, logistics, purchasing, supply chain, retail, service industry, medical care, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, energy, infrastructure, chemistry and many more. From their wide range of vacancies that they deal with, specialists in each field will introduce you to the available positions that best match your skills and experience.

2. An unshakeable record of awards

Robert Walters has received numerous awards, and in Japan won the Best International Recruitment Company at the Recruitment International Asia Awards for two consecutive years in 2015 and 2016. Furthermore, for 9 consecutive years, due to the high quality of service that Robert Walters offers, the company has been selected as The Best HR Consulting Firms & Services of the Year in the Top 100 HR Consulting Companies & Services, judged by human resource specialist magazine Japan Human Resource News. They have also won many other awards around the world.

3. Support from initial preparation stage through to getting an offer

At Robert Walters, a career consultant with a wealth of industry knowledge can assist you in achieving an efficient transition of career – from initial preparation through the application procedure and interviews, to finally getting a job offer. In counseling, they analyze the client’s experience and skills from an objective viewpoint, and select and introduce companies that match the applicant’s goals and values. In addition, since the career consultant knows the industry trends and the corporate culture of the applicant company, and also has a connection with the personnel team at that company, they can give targeted interview guidance and appropriate advice, and you can expect to attend interviews feelings confident. In addition, if you are not comfortable negotiating the terms of the position and the salary yourself, you can leave it to the career consultant to do it for you.

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