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Type Career Agent is an employment support service, which is provided by Career Design Center Co. Career Design Center operates one of the largest career websites in Japan, Type, with more than 1,000,000 visits monthly. Type Career Agent specializes in industries such as IT, web and manufacturing, as well as features sales, customer service, management, and executive positions, with a focus on women’s employment. It serves mainly Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba, so it is a great agency for those who are seeking jobs in these areas. Your personal career advisor conducts thorough counseling regarding which jobs to apply for, how to successfully land a highly sought-after position, how to choose the most fulfilling career, and more.

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Service Name Type Career Agent/type転職エージェント
URL https://type.career-agent.jp/
Type of Business Employment Agency
Suppoerted Language Japanese
Employment Status Full-time
Specialized Industries All
Available Position Types All
Number of Postings More than 10,000
Number of Users
Provider Name Career Design Center Co.
Capital Stock 558,660,000 yen
CEO Hiromi Tada
Date Established July 8, 1993
Head Office Akasaka Long Beach 9F Akasaka 3-21-20 Minato-ku, Tokyo
Branch Office in Japan Tokyo
Branch Overseas

Advantages of using Type Career Agent

Here are the advantages of using Type Career Agent services:

  1. Ranks 2nd in total satisfaction amongst competitors; satisfies 87% of its clients
  2. 80% of its job listings are posted exclusively to Type clients
  3. Offers free career advising and seminars

1. Offers excellent client satisfaction through in-depth, personalized career counseling

Type Career Agent has been chosen as the 2nd best agency by Rikunabi NEXT, illustrating their outstanding reputation among clients. The career advisors are experts in their fields and suggest positions that best match your experience, skills, and career goals. The 71 % increase* in the total annual income of clients who landed a job through Type Career Agent makes clear the value of their services.
*According to data from Career Design Center (Results from January to December of 2015)

2. 80% of its job listings are posted exclusively to Type clients

Because Type Career Agent holds many exclusive job postings not accessible elsewhere, simply registering a client account benefits job seekers. As a further benefit of registration, Type career advisors carefully recommend openings best suited to individual client skills and experience.

3. Offers free career advising and seminars

Type Career Agent provides free weekly career advising and seminars, which fall into two categories. The first kind is related to people’s job-seeker status, for example, if you are not sure whether you want to change career. The second category is sorted by industry or field, for example, if you want to work in a particular sector like IT or web. Setting up a career consultation is flexible and stress-free, even for people who work on weekdays.

Type Career Agent website

For more information on how to use Type Career Agent and access their job support service, please visit their website by clicking the link below.

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