【Fukushima / Tokyo / Aichi】IT Engineer (New graduate)

Application Requirements

Title 【Fukushima / Tokyo / Aichi】IT Engineer (New graduate)
Company description ★ Approximately 60% have experience of overseas business trips!
1. Communication system development Application system development/maintenance / Network system development/maintenance
2. Financial development: System development and maintenance for major banks
3. Non-life insurance system development: System development and maintenance for major non-life insurance companies
4. Business development: System proposal/development/maintenance for local companiesNewcomers will be trained from scratch with senior employees, so even people with a liberal arts background who do not have system development knowledge can feel at ease.
Instead of working as it is in the department to which you are assigned so that you can become an engineer with a wide range of skills
Organizational changes to advance to areas of interest, and exchanges within the business division due to the changes
We are also actively promoting the raising of the level through technical training.In the IT field, the development environment and mechanism are changing rapidly, and it is also necessary to constantly acquire new knowledge.
In addition to acquiring technology that is not affected by the fashion cycle, we also provide support such as acquiring qualifications.

You will have regular interviews, so
Career path consultation and changes are also possible. Let’s find the field that suits you together.

[POINT / We also have development bases overseas]
We also have an affiliated company in the Philippines, which is in its 25th term this year. There are many offshore development projects, and in the future, there are also careers that aim to become leaders locally. In addition, taking advantage of the fact that the Philippines is an English-speaking country, it is possible to learn the latest technology and know-how by conducting a preliminary survey in the Philippines and providing Japan with cutting-edge technology that has not been translated into Japanese.

Work tasks ・ Software development of communication network solutions
・ Firmware development
・ Embedded system development
・ System integration development
・ WEB application development
・ Business / financial application development / verification
・ Various mobile terminal operability evaluation/test
・ Overseas offshore
・ Application development for various mobile terminals (Java, etc.)
・ Development and verification of mobile terminal applications for each industry
・ Overseas bridge solution business
Why should you apply? 1. 【Benefits】
・ Housing allowance (5,000 yen)
・ Family allowance
・ Position allowance
・ Qualification allowance
・ Transportation expenses <50,000 yen / month>, etc.
・ Property accumulation system
・ Severance pay system, recreation center, in-house event (various club activities)
·new employee training
・ Long-term service commendation system
2. 【Various insurance】 Health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance, workers’ accident compensation insurance, property insurance, retirement allowance mutual aid
3. Holiday leave Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays (annual holiday 124 days <2015 results>), childcare leave, refreshment leave (long-term employees)
Employment type Full-time employee
Work location The place of work will be decided after confirming the desired place of work and in consultation with the person.
* Working in the Philippines only after several years of experience(Fukushima / Tokyo / Aichi)
Annual salary Graduate school graduate monthly salary 205,000 yen
University graduate monthly salary 195,000 yen
Professional / technical college / junior college monthly salary 173,000 yen◆ Annual income example
1st year of new graduate (housing allowance + average overtime allowance)
220,000 to 250,000 / month
Japanese requirement N2
Entry qualifications 【MUST】

[New graduate]
・ Those who have studied IT related
[Development language (backend)] Java
・ C #
[Development language (front end)] JavaScript
[Development language (smartphone app)]
[Development language (infrastructure)]
[Development language (others)]
・ Lowest Age limit 22
・ Highest Age limit 30

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    Phone number【must】
    Gender【must】 MaleFemaleI do not wish to disclose
    Japanese Visa【must】
    Japanese level【must】 Beginner levelConversation levelBusiness levelFluentNative
    Last work experience【must】 StudentGeneral Affairs, Accounting, HR, LegalSales, PlanningMarketing, Advertising, PRCreative, MediaEngineer (IT), Internet, TelecommunicationEngineer (Manufacturing), ConstructionEducation, TrainingLocalization, Translation, InterpretingSupply Chain, Logistics, TransportService RelatedScientific, Medical, HealthSpecialist (Consultant, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate)Domestic HelpOther
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