【Tokyo】WEB engineer / event EC division

Application Requirements

Title 【Tokyo】WEB engineer / event EC division
Company description We offer events of all genres, such as gourmet events, experiences, lessons, and self-improvement events, not limited to meeting places for men and women. It is a service that allows you to search for event information and apply for participation.
Work tasks You will play the role of connecting the planner side and the engineering side of your company’s products. You will contribute to the improvement of the product from the specification side and the improvement of the product from the technical side.

Effectively bridge the planning side and the technical side, and improve the satisfaction of end-users by increasing the speed of product development. We are looking for someone who can proceed with development while communicating with each department or subsidiary such as a bridge engineer.

Development language: Ruby, JavaScript
Framework: Ruby on Rails, Nuxt.js
Infrastructure: AWS
Database: MySQL
Full remote possible

The number of graduates from overseas universities as well as Japan, such as Hanoi University of Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, and Oxford University, is increasing. Of course, not all members are good at English, but communication in English is increasing within the company. There are multinational members from Asian to Western countries including Vietnamese.

Why should you apply? 1. Salary Increment: Salary increase twice a year (June / December)
2. Benefits / Welfare:
・ There is a separate settlement bonus payment record
・ Telework allowance payment
・ There is a flextime system (core time 11: 00 ~ 16: 00)
・ Employee stock ownership (12% incentive)
・ Matching app “CoupLink” is free (single only)
・ Cafe fee (when going out for business, etc., use during the schedule before and after)
・ Book purchase assistance
・ Seminar assistance (including participation in overseas conventions)
・ Transportation expenses
・ Various insurances (TJK)
·Medical checkup
・ Influenza vaccination assistance
・ Room search & moving assistance
・ In-house exchange meeting assistance
3. Transportation Expenses: Yes
Employment type Full-time Employee
Work location Tokyo
Annual salary 5 ~ 7 Million Yen
Japanese requirement N2
Entry qualifications 【MUST】

・ Experience in developing server-side Web applications
・ Ability to reduce business requirements to system design
・ Knowledge of databases including RDBMS
・ For Japan residents only

【Preferred skills】

・ Experience in developing web applications using Ruby on Rails
・ Experience in improving products for end-users with B to C services
・ Cloud development experience such as GCP, AWS, Azure, server design, development experience
・ Experience in developing front-end Web applications
・ Experience in source management by GitLab
・ Experience in managing overseas system development from Japan
・ Collaboration and development experience with data scientists and AI engineers
・ Knowledge about UI / UX, usability, and design
・ Knowledge about SEO
・ Design and development experience using Docker
・ Vietnamese (Business)

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