【Kanagawa】 Factory Engineer

Application Requirements

Title 【Kanagawa】 Factory Engineer
Company description From many years of experience, we can accurately grasp the detailed needs of the factory site, promptly make proposals for facilitating work, always stand by the customer, and various angles that are not bound by preconceived ideas. We will continue to run with history in order to support the growing society and companies. In addition to a large number of general-purpose machines, we also have a large selection of specialized foundation construction machines, and we also handle rare machines all over Japan .  Many staff who have abundant knowledge along with those machines have earned a great deal of trust from customers all over the country.
Work tasks Machine maintenance, repair, loading and unloading on trucks.
The factory is divided into departments, each of which is assigned to work as a team. There are also transfers between departments.
・ Maintenance and repair of construction machinery
・ Transport the machine to the construction site, loading and unloading work using a crane etc.
・ Gas welding / arc welding (depending on the assigned department)

1. Clean the returned machine with a high pressure washer.
2. Check for any damage.
3. Check for worn or fragile parts.
4. After the above work, remove the problem and perform a test run.
5. Store in stock for next shipment.

Why should you apply? 1. Salary increase once a year in April
2. There is a company dormitory (56 sqm apartment)
3. Transportation expenses:
If the distance from the office to your home is 2 km or more, the actual cost will be paid (up to 20,000 yen).
Employment type Full-time employee
Work location Kanagawa Prefecture
Annual salary 2.7 to 3.5 million yen
Japanese requirement Japanese (Daily conversation level)
Entry qualifications 【MUST】
Those who majored in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, etc. at university to apply for a work visa.【Preferred skills】
English (daily conversation level)

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