【Tokyo】Cloud application development engineer (New graduates)

Application Requirements

Title 【Tokyo】Cloud application development engineer (New graduates)
Company description Founded in 2005, started B2C web mobile application development business. Since then, we have consistently focused on the application area of customer contact. The technology to be used has evolved into multi-cloud using Salesforce x Heroku / AWS, IoT, and AI. In the process, utilizing the experience of developing connected cars, we started a SaaS / PaaS type in-house service “Mobility Business Optimization Cloud Cariot” as a new business in 2016. At our company, we have repeatedly put technology as a source of value and actively adopted cloud advanced technology through research and development activities to give shape to new customer experiences. By rotating this business cycle, we continue to create high added value and create a unique position.
Work tasks Armed with the development capabilities and agility of a wide range of cloud platforms centered on Salesforce and Amazon Web Services, you will participate in system development using cutting-edge technologies such as IoT and AI (Einstein) from Web-based business systems.

Specifically, you will be asked to participate in a large-scale consumer Web/smartphone service project and a new business service launch project. Customers vary in size and industry, such as large companies and small and medium-sized enterprises.
More than 90% of the projects are received directly from clients, and if you advance your career, you will also have the opportunity to participate in service planning and design.
You can also propose from the concept of the service to the technology to be used, and you can expand the range of technology as an engineer.
Since you may be involved in service development that has never existed before, you can be involved in business with high technology.
The leader defines the requirements, but members may also hold meetings with customers and detailed system reports.
You can work with your communication skills.<About the team>
The team will vary depending on the content of the project, but it will be a team of 3 to 10 people.
you work not only with the development team but also with the IoT and R & D teams, so you can work while being exposed to new technologies.
Basically, you will work at home (remotely).

<Technical environment>
AWS, Java, PHP, C #, Ruby, React, etc. You can take advantage of relatively new technologies.
In addition, the service utilizes not only Salesforce but also other related cloud services (EC, IoT, AI related, etc.).

Why should you apply? 1. Salary increase: Yes
2. University graduate engineer: 275,000 yen (basic salary 193,414 yen + business allowance 81,586 yen) / Monthly graduate engineer: 375,000 yen (basic salary 263,786 yen + business allowance 111,214 yen) / month3. [Business allowance]
A monthly overtime allowance is paid in advance regardless of whether or not there is overtime.
Overtime work 40 hours (graduate 81,420 yen / university graduate 59,750 yen)
Eight hours of legal holiday work (graduate 17,584 yen/university graduate 12,896 yen)
Midnight work 30 hours (12,210 yen for graduates / 8,940 yen for university graduates)
* Separate payment/qualification acquisition support system for items exceeding the above time
・ Business-related book purchase support system (10,000 yen/month)
・ Lunch study session (lunch box provided)
Lectures by industry celebrities and study sessions with employees acting as lecturers
Each person plans freely. We carry out more than 70 times a year.
・ Circle activity support (futsal, board game, bouldering)
・ F system (a system that can plan events)
Employment type Full-time Employee
Work location Tokyo
Annual salary 3.3 ~ 4.5 million yen
Japanese requirement N1
Entry qualifications 【MUST】

・ Japanese N1 or higher level
・ Graduated from Faculty / Graduate School of Computer Science

【Preferred skills】

・C#, Java, PHP

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