【In-house developed SFA】Front-end engineer

Application Requirements


Title 【Tokyo】【In-house developed SFA】Front-end engineer
Company description The company was founded on February 4, 2020.
We “prolong the healthy life expectancy of people, people with disabilities with our own products,
We aim to be as close to healthy people as possible.
Toward that end, we are currently developing HR business, consulting business, and in-house products.
Work tasks We are looking for a front-end engineer to work on the development of our own SFA (sales and operations support tool) for the HR industry.
The CEO himself is an engineer and you will work with him directly. The entire process from requirements definition to the operation of the sales support software under development is done directly with the management team.
【Technology Stack】
・Frontend: ReactJS/Redux/Ant
ReactJS / Redux / Ant Design / Node / npm
・GCP: VPC / IAM / GCLB / GKE / GCE / Cloud SQL / Cloud Armor / Cloud Build / Container Registry / Deployment Manager / Monitoring / Pub/Sub / Cloud Functions / Cloud Storage / Cloud DNS Storage/Cloud DNS
Git / Github / BindPlane
Why should you apply? 1. Salary Increment: Once a year

2. Fully equipped with social insurance, commuting allowance, free clothing, working from home / remote work, preferential treatment for experienced people.

3. Transportation Expenses: Yes

4: Full remote possible

5. Since the president is an engineer and can develop into a team with the president, you can learn engineering and business.
6. Business consignment, start from side business is OK

Employment type Full-time Employee
Work location Tokyo, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku
Annual salary 3.5 ~ 6 Million Yen
* More than 6 million can be consulted depending on experience
Japanese requirement N3
Entry qualifications 【MUST】
・Japanese level Business level (N3 or above)
・3 years or more of MVC framework work experience
・Relational DB design experience
・Testing, manufacturing, basic design experience
・For Japan residents only

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