【Aichi】Office work / Planning work (Native English)

Application Requirements

Title 【Aichi】Office work / Planning work (Native English)
Company description ■ Financial planning related to asset management and management

■ Various consulting services such as management, finance, insurance

■ Support for establishment and operation of local subsidiaries (captives) overseas ◎ Financial consulting specialized for managers and wealthy people by utilizing the global network We are doing asset management planning.

Work tasks Office work such as arranging English documents for specialists such as lawyers, accountants, and trust companies.
【In particular】
◆ All contracts and applications we handle are in English. ・ Checking materials given by clients
・ Japanese translation of contracts with overseas lawyers, accountants, banks, etc.
・ Confirmation of application form to be submitted to public institutions
・ Support services such as creating applications for opening overseas bank accounts
・ Email and telephone support with specialists such as lawyers, accountants, and trust companies (English)
・ Email and phone support with clients (Japanese)
・ Creating materials for internal and external use (using Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
・ Creation of contracts, invoices, payment statements, payment management
・ General office work, etc.We will entrust you with English office work to support companies that establish local corporations overseas.
Why should you apply? 1. 122 days of annual holidays
Complete weekly two-day system (Saturday and Sunday)
Golden week
Summer vacation
New Year holiday
Condolence vacation
Paid holiday
2. <Fully equipped with systems such as maternity leave and childcare leave. Can work for a long time. >
With salary increase: Consider performance and company performance
Bonus 3 times a year: Considering performance and company performance
Complete with social insurance
Trial period 6 months * No change in treatment Social insurance
3. Transportation expenses (actual expenses up to 30,000 yen)
Employment type Full-time employee
Work location Aichi
Annual salary Monthly salary from 300,000 yen (including fixed overtime allowance of 71,000 yen for 40 hours/excess will be paid separately)
* The above amount is the minimum guaranteed amount
* We will consider your experience and decide the final conditions after consultation.[Annual income example]
8.5 million yen / 10th year after joining the company / monthly salary 550,000 yen x 12 months + bonus
7 million yen / 5th year after joining the company / monthly salary 450,000 yen x 12 months + bonus
5 million yen / 1st year of joining the company / monthly salary 350,000 yen x 12 months + bonus
Japanese requirement N1
Entry qualifications 【MUST】

Those who have native level English ability and experience in office work

◆ Multinational members are active by utilizing their knowledge

We are looking for someone who meets the following 6 points.

1. Business level or above English proficiency
* Persons with overseas work experience, foreign nationals, TOEIC 900 points or higher, and staff equivalent to Level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test are active.
2. Those who have accounting knowledge of bookkeeping level 3 or higher
3. Those who have experience in office work
4. Equivalent to Level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
* Since the client is a Japanese company, business-level Japanese proficiency is required.
5. PC skills intermediate or above (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
6. Understanding business etiquette

[Image of use required by office tools]
Word: You can use items necessary for formattings such as indentation, table of contents, comments, and proofreading.
Excel: Find efficient functions and use the items you need to get the job done
PowerPoint: You can create materials from 1 and think about slide master, how to show, and contents by yourself.

【Preferred skills】

◆ Those who have a license related to accounting such as BATIC (International Accounting Certification) are welcome.
◆ Those who have work experience at a non-life insurance company are welcome.

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