【Osaka】Corporate sales of trading companies

Application Requirements

Title 【Osaka】Corporate sales of trading companies
Company description We are an import trading company of birds, reptiles, pet food, and goods from small animals such as rabbits, hedgehogs, and small monkeys.
We are looking for employees who can be in charge of sales and sales planning with an eye on overseas export business and multiple business development.
Work tasks ・ In-house sales: In-house sales and shipping contact via telephone, email, EC site (B2B), etc.
・ Efficient order support on EC sites
・ Outside sales: A wide range of sales activities, such as proposal sales for animals that replace out-of-stock products, and business negotiations with business partners.
* There is some trade office work with overseas, and after joining the company, after stepping up the skills, eventually there is an environment where you can advance your career to the International Purchasing Department, Planning and Development Department, New Business Manager, etc.
Why should you apply? 1. Salary increase: Once a year
2. Benefits:
Bonus twice a year
Complete with company insurance
Severance pay system (both withdrawal) * 25 months after joining the company
3. Transportation expenses: Yes
Employment type Full-time Employee
Work location Osaka
Annual salary 3.5 ~ 4.5 Million Yen
Japanese requirement N1
Entry qualifications 【MUST】
・ 1 year or more of corporate sales experience in Japan * Premise of negotiation experience in Japanese with Japanese companies
・ Equivalent to Japanese N1 (the level at which business negotiations with domestic Japanese corporations can be conducted without problems)
・ English business level

【Preferred skills】
・ Chinese business level
・ Trade office experience

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