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There are many ways a foreigner can study Japanese. One can study the language on their own, but to those who seek a more efficient method, we recommend taking one-on-one lessons with a Japanese person. Online services offering Japanese language learning are also popular among working adults. In this article, we introduce three online services that let people study one-on-one with a Japanese person. For those who want to study Japanese online, please refer to the following content in this article.

Service Characteristics Pricing Recommended for people
Preply Matching service for teachers and Japanese language learners 1,500 to 5,000 yen / hour Those who want to choose their own teacher
Zipan Specializes in business Japanese 2,500 yen / lesson (25 minutes) Those who want to study business Japanese
Human Academy Japanese Langauge School Offers offline Japanese language schools as well 3,5000 yen / lesson (45 minutes) Those who want to be taught by a teacher who works at a Japanese language school

1. Preply: A matching service that lets you choose your own teachers

Founded in Ukraine, Preply is a matching platform that pairs people who want to learn a foreign language and teachers of said language.

One trait of Preply is that one can choose their own teachers. Preply is available in many countries/languages and employs hundreds of native Japanese teachers. Users can check a teacher’s history, the languages a teacher can speak, the lesson fees a teacher charges, the times a teacher is available, and student reviews. As such, one can find a teacher that fits their needs. Apart from the lessons on Japanese language basics, one can request lessons on daily conversation, grammar, exam preparation, and business Japanese. Many teachers teach freelance or as a side job, but some have experience in industries/occupations separate from Japanese teaching. If you are interested in a particular industry or job, you can choose a teacher from that industry or occupation and learn about Japanese businesses through conversation.

There are other language matching services such as italki or Cafetalk but the systems are similar, so you should choose the platform offering teachers who fit your needs.

Lesson fees: 1,500 to 5,000 yen / hour (depending on teacher)

Web conferencing tool used: Preply Space


2. Zipan: A service that specializes in business Japanese

Zipan is a Japanese language learning service operated by Bizmates, Inc., which also operates G Talent, a recruiting agency for international job seekers.


Zipan is characterized by its focus on business Japanese. The service develops its own materials and offers a wide range of lessons. Content ranges from lessons on daily workplace conversations to advanced discussions on topics such as problem-solving and decision making. Apart from studying Japanese through their materials, it is also possible to receive help on business-related issues such as consultations about work in Japan or editing work on documents or e-mails. In addition to one-on-one lessons, students can freely browse through original materials and video lessons during their contract period.


Lesson fees: 12,500 yen / month or 2,500 yen / lesson (25 minutes) *tax excluded

Web conferencing tool used: Skype

Webpage: https://www.zipan.jp/program/

3. Human Academy Japanese Language School: A service operated by a large education business

Human Academy Japanese Online School is a Japanese language study service operated by Human Academy Co., Ltd.


As Human Academy Japanese Language School is operated by a large company that has various education businesses in Japan, it is a service that has expertise in the field of education. Human Academy offers both online and offline Japanese language schools. As such, online users can also receive lessons from professional teachers who work at Japanese language schools. While Human Academy operates Japanese language schools for foreigners, it also offers a wide range of certificate and language classes for Japanese people. Expertise accumulated over the years on education and classroom management is utilized within its services. Courses include daily conversation, business Japanese, and JLPT exam preparation.


Lesson fees: 3,500 yen / lesson (45 minutes) *tax excluded

Web conferencing tool used: Zoom

Webpage: https://hajl.athuman.com/lp/online/



In this article, we introduced three online Japanese study services; however, each has its own unique traits, so they do not fit every person’s needs perfectly. As such, please refer to the content in this article and choose a service that fits your needs.

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