【Osaka】International sales about pets(CLOSED)

Application Requirements

*This position has been closed!

Title 【Osaka】International sales about pets
Job number 10153
Company description A company that export and import pets and pet-related products
Work tasks Global business development for export, import and distribution of pets and pet-related products, including locating and negotiating with new suppliers and sales destinations overseas.
Your work tasks will also include international business trips abroad.
Why should you apply? 1. Perfect for animal lover!
2. International work place with multiple foreign members
Employment type Full-time, permanent staff
Work location Osaka prefecture
Annual salary 2,500,000 ¥~ (final salary is determined based on individual skill and experience level)
Japanese requirement Japanese business level(N2 or higher)
Entry qualifications Proficient in English OR Chinese(business level or higher)
Must be residing in Japan

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